Saturday, April 27, 2013

Memories of the setting sun

The sun scorches,
Burns the skin, rashes galore,
Percolates through the meandering silhouette,
Into my mind,
Where I hold,
The memories that I cling to,
Your hazy self, muffled in the cigarette smoke,
That crawled in circular symphonies,
Against your curled lips, wet with rancid tea.
The sun sets, memories depart,
Time races away while I see you leave,
Just to remember you'll never come back,
Memories is what I will have.
The sun scorches, drowns me in its orange hue.

Monday, April 30, 2012

She walks in beauty, she talks of beauty!

I have always believed that cliches are called so for a reason, but this isn't exactly the reason behind my innate liking for the ethereal feminine form. Since childhood, I have been deeply inspired by the divine aura of the mother Goddess, an omnipresent expression of the female power deeply imbibed in the Indian religious fabric. The fascination continued and my greatest inspiration continues to be this enigmatic female form, whether it is the cascading tresses or the mesmerizing eyes. Much to the chargin of my God fearing mother and plethora of friendly relatives or relative friends, I continued exploring this wonderful creation of God in my art from the time that I started sketching. Most of the body of my work is comprised of female form and its expressions but I decided to start with a few favourite ones.

Because I dreamed a dream!

Yesterday, among the many other strange things that usually accompany my dreamy sojourn was this huge fish that seemed decked up in the most interestingly patterned scales. My quintessentially Bengali roots could be blamed for having such a prejudice towards the ubiquitous aquatic creature! The fish loving Bongs believe that the start of any good thing must be accompanied with a fish and maybe that is why the textiles of Bengal often see the fish as a main motif. As all good things must begin with a good luck charm, I would like to start mine with this illustration I had done a few days back.

A big thanks to good friend, Sandhya Ramachandran for inspiring this. Her blog is a wonderful collection of well crafted verses and can be found on